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(*) The results described are not typical and will vary depending on a variety of factors

30-Day-Diet Program: (#1)seller

Looking for a weight loss program where you can see results in 30 days? Do you want to look and feel better? Have more energy? Increase your self-esteem and confidence? Learn healthy eating habits and finally lose weight?

We offer comprehensive weight loss programs that are professionally designed for safe, long term results. Our dedicated staff is able to monitor and chart your progress, as well as your understanding of the Food Guidelines so that results are achieved. It has been shown that improving your nutrition and losing weight is one of the most important things you can do to improve your overall health.

The Naples Weight Loss & Wellbeing programs combine well-balanced foods, based on regular foods purchased from supermarkets, supplemented with a combination of appetite suppressants, fat burners & metabolism boosters. We have formulated a diet that not only rejuvenates the body but makes you lose that unwanted fat so you are able to reach your goals, with weekly follow up visits and weigh-ins. The program is structured, yet flexible, providing the balance and moderation needed to succeed. You will implement new eating habits that will enable you to meet your goals. We have programs designed for women, men & teens.

You deserve to live your life to the most optimal level. We will do our best to get you back to your ideal weight.

Call us today (239) 596-1896 to book your appointment. Our programs vary depending on your specific needs and goals (and yes that includes EVERYTHING you will need; such as a combination of diet supplements, weekly follow up visits and all the support needed throughout this life changing experience).

Essential components we utilize for a healthy transformation:Essential components we utilize for a healthy transformation:

  1. Diet, Nutrition and Hydration
  2. Appetite Appeasers
  3. Weight Loss Supplements
  4. Moderate Physical Activity and Exercise
  5. Weight Loss Support, Education and Monitoring


TEENAGE Weight Loss Program:

Half of US teens are overweight or obese and that is pretty much the story through most countries - and until now, they have been on their own to fight this battle. (*)

Naples teenage weight loss program pictureWithout the right tools, losing weight safely and keeping it off are nearly impossible. Fighting genetics, hunger, lack of energy and motivation is enough to make the strongest willed teenager quit or not even bother attempting to lose weight!(*)

Adding to the difficulty is the abundance of fad diets that ultimately do not work and they are generally made for adults. There is no denying that the pressure for teens to look good is significant! All this leaves teens wondering why there are SO many products to make losing weight easy for adults and nothing to help them in this next to impossible battle.

Pharmacological improvements in the past few years are starting to provide teens with greatly advanced medications with far fewer side effects and improved effectiveness.(*)

The world’s first TEEN WEIGHT LOSS product!

  1. Suppress Appetite
  2. Increase Metabolism
  3. Increase Energy Levels
  4. Accelerate Fat Mobilization
  5. Lose Weight Safely Every Single Day
  6. Lose Body Fat, Not Just Water Retention

Lipotropic Weight Loss Injections

The Lipotropic Weight Loss Injections help boost your metabolism and enhance your weight loss.(*)  The injections include the following vitamins, minerals and amino acids:

  1. Methionine - which is sulfur containing amino acid that increases your metabolism and energy levels.  It aids in breaking down the fat and removing heavy metals from the body.
  2. Inositol - is a vitamin essential for metabolism of fat and cholesterol.  It also prevents hardening of arteries.
  3. Choline - helps with minimizing excess fat in the liver and aids in hormone production.
  4. B-12 - is an important vitamin that is required for proper digestion, absorption and synthesis of foods as well as metabolism of carbohydrates and fats.

**Series of (4) Lipotropic Weight Loss Injections for only $169.


Menopause Weight Loss: 

Are You Experiencing:

  • Weight Gain? Especially in your abdomen?
  • A Slowing Metabolism?
  • Hot Flashes?
  • Night Sweats?
  • Difficulty Sleeping?

You may be going through menopause. We Can Help!

As you get older, your metabolism slows. You may notice that even with an active lifestyle and healthy eating, you are still gaining weight. Naples Weight Loss & Wellbeing offers comprehensive weight loss plans designed for menopause.

Our Menopause Weight Loss Program includes EVERYTHING that you will need for weight loss success.

Essential components we utilize for a healthy transformation.

  1. Diet, Nutrition and Hydration
  2. Appetite Appeasers
  3. Weight Loss Supplements
  4. Moderate Physical Activity and Exercise
  5. Weight Loss Support, Education and Monitoring

Call us today to get started and break your menopause cycle!


Questions you may have:


Will the weight stay off?

  • Yes, most patients experience a new weight normal.


How much weight can I lose?

  • Our priority is to get you to your target weight loss goal with correct vitamins, supplements, fat burners, diet, nutrition and exercise.


Are consultations required?

  • Yes. It is very important for us to thoroughly explain our diet program to you and discuss your goals and expectations. You will meet with our weight loss professional team. Also, we never charge for consultations.


Are consultations free?

  • Yes! Naples Weight Loss & Wellbeing never charges for consultations for our services. It is very important to thoroughly discuss your options before considering any type of body contouring. If you have any questions about our unique procedures or simply wish to meet with our team for an evaluation, call to schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation.

*Disclaimer: the results are not typical and will vary depending on a variety of factors